Free Acute Medical Emergencies: The Practical Approach, Advanced Life Support Group

This major text, based on the Advanced Life Support Group course, is a comprehensive and practical guide which deals with the medical aspects of diagnosis and treatment of acute emergencies.
PART 1: Introduction
1. Introduction
2. Recognition of the medical emergency

PART 2: Structured approach
3. Structured approach to the medical emergency
4. Airway assessment
5. Breathing assessment
6. Circulation assessment
7. Disability assessment
8. Examination and history taking

PART 3: Presenting complaints
9. The patient with breathing difficulties
10. The patient with shock
11. The patient with chest pain
12. The patient with altered conscious level
13. The collapsed patient
14. The confused patient
15. The overdose patient
16. The patient with headache
17. The patient with abdominal pain
18. The patient with hot red legs and cold white ones
19. The patient with hot and/or swollen joints
20. The patient with rash

PART 4: Failures
21. Respiratory failure
22. Cardiac failure
23. Hepatic failure
24. Renal failure
25. Brain failure

PART 5: Interpretation of emergency investigations
26. Blood gas analysis
27. Dysrhythmia recognition
28. Chest xray interpretation
29. Haematological investigations
30. Biochemical investigations

PART 6: Special circumstances
31. The pregnant patient
32. The elderly patient
33. The immunocompromised patient
34. Transportation of the seriously ill patient

PART 7: Practical procedures
35. Practical procedures: airway & breathing
36. Practical procedures: circulation
37. Practical procedures: medical

PART 8: Appendices
Appendix a-drugs

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