Free Global Corporate Capital Flows 2008/9 to 2013/14, A Study of the Investment Intentions of Companies in 15 Countries Around the World, KPMG

The increasing importance of the economies of China, India, Russia and Brazil (BRIC), and widespread economic concerns in Europe and the U.S., suggest that we may now be beginning a new phase in global economic development. Companies need to ask whether the global business game is changing, and whether we know the new rules.
To find out whether there really is a new pattern emerging and if so, what its implications might be, researchers asked over 300 senior corporate investment strategists in 15 countries around the world which countries (other than their own) they plan to invest in during 2008/09, and where they are looking to invest in five years’ time.
This group of people was chosen because their investment decisions are medium to long term, they are intended to generate real growth for the companies these people run, and they are usually made on the basis of careful analysis of the underlying prospects for markets and countries. To add a slightly different perspective, researchers also carried out 10 in-depth interviews with private equity fund managers and controllers of sovereign wealth funds. These are organizations with a very significant influence on investment flows, but with a different set of priorities from corporate investors.
The results point to a marked change in the pattern of investment. This year, the U.S. leads by a long way, with 27 percent of investors planning a significant investment in the country in the next 12 months. Next is China, with 17 percent, followed by the U.K., with 14 percent, Germany with 13 percent and Russia with 12 percent. More………………..

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