Visitors often come to Bali without going to other provinces of Indonesia. Some are mildly surprised when they are greeted at the airport by ‘Indonesian’ and not ‘Balinese’ immigration officials. So it is worth
emphasising that Bali is indeed and profoundly part of Indonesia. Culturally, it is one bright flash in an archipelagic kaleidoscope. Geologically, it is one link in a chain of volcanoes which created soils of exceptional fertility. Historically, it has always been part of a broader island world.
No aspect of the history of Bali can be fully understood divorced from its Indonesian context.
Bali is small—only 5633 square kilometres, less than one-third of one per cent of Indonesia’s land area. Despite the narrow congested roads, one can drive around the island in a day. It is shaped like a flattened diamond, with the long dimension running east-west and a significant
bulge to the south.

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