Free Download Dealing With Difficult People Ebook

Difficult people: they’re those people you can’t stand and who don’t do what you want them to do or do what you don’t want them to do—and you don’t know what to do about them!
Good news: you don’t have to be their victim anymore. And while you can’t change difficult people, you can communicate with them in such a way that they change themselves.
In this book, we define the four key areas you’ll have to focus on to solve your people problems.
First, we’ll describe the “10 most unwanted” types of behavior and examine the forces that compel people to be difficult in such a variety of ways. Then we’ll help you build a “lens” for understanding
why people act the way they do. Your ability to recognize the four key behavioral intentions is the first step toward success in influencing people to change their behavior toward the positive.

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